SHIMURAbros is a brother-sister artist duo consisting of Yuka Shimura and her brother Kentaro Shimura. Yuka Shimura (b. 1976) holds a BFA from the Tama Art University and MFA from Central Saint Martins. Kentaro Shimura (b. 1979) holds a BFA from the Tokyo Polytechnic University. SHIMURAbros creates a range of artworks and are internationally acclaimed and exhibited. They recently exhibited artworks at the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions. They have screened film works at the Festival de Cannes and Berlinale. SHIMURAbros received an Excellence Award at the 2009 Japan Media Arts Festival hosted by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs. In 2017, ArtReview Asia magazine included SHIMURAbros in its list of “Future Greats”. SHIMURAbros are currently based in Tokyo, Japan and Berlin, Germany. 

Film without Film

Among the smallest works in the exhibition is Film without Film by the Japanese artists SHIMURAbros. This pioneering work was created ten years ago. Shimurabros picked five-film scenes (each on average 8 seconds or 192 frames) from the “Creative Geography” montages of Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov and used 3D printing technology to produce a series of tiny sculptures that fit within a 35mm film frame. Each sculpture consists of approximately 192 layers, every layer derived from a single frame. As the artists say, it is not only the film in three-dimensional form but “a sculpture of time”.

姉弟によるアーティスト・ユニットのSHIMURAbros(シムラブロス)の《Film Without Film》は、今から10年前に発表された作品です。旧ソビエト連邦の映画監督レフ・ クレショフの1920年代の実験映画「創造的地理」より約8秒からなる5つのシーン;約200フレームの映像を、最新の3Dプリンターを用いて、積層的に造形化させたインスタレーションになります。映画のデータを基とした立体映像作品というより、“時の彫刻”と呼べるでしょう。


Exhibition Publication

In collaboration with the curators, Tokyo Gallery published a trilingual book on the occasion of this exhibition with a series of interviews with artists.