Szelit Cheung

Szelit Cheung (b.1988) is a Hong Kong-based artist, engages in a cross-disciplinary practice including painting, drawings and photography. His current practice resembles the essence of void, explores the connection between presence and emptiness by utilising simple forms, light and colours as a means to echo and amplify the intangible yet powerful feelings and expressions. 


After graduating from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) in 2012, he works sorely as an artist and continue pursuing his passion for art. His work has been widely exhibition in different places, Include America, France, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong… He has held solo exhibitions that include Shimmer ( Touch Gal-lery, Hong Kong, 2021 ), “ , ” ( Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong, 2020) and Substance, Delicate, Something in Be-tween ( Yiri Arts, Taiwan, 2017 ). Group exhibitions include Architectural Representation in Chinese Contemporary Art ( One Thousand Museum, Miami, America, 2019 ), Charming Tastes and Fragrance: Literature and Visual Arts Exhibition ( Pao Gallerise, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, 2018 ), Has-been-there ( Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong SOHO, Hong Kong, 2017 ) and Critical Point  ( Crane Gallery, Taiwan, 2015 ).


Solo Exhibitions

2021     Rossi and Rossi ( Upcoming ) Wong Chuk Hang, HK

             Shimmer, Touch Gallery, Tai Kwun, HK

2020     Galerie Ora-Ora, Sai Ying Pun, HK

2017     Substance, Delicate, Something in Between Yiri Arts,              Taipei, Taiwan

2015     Stand II, am space, Central, HK


Awards / Residency 

2021     Residency at Tainan, Taiwan ( Upcoming... ) Residency at Rossi and Rossi Gallery, HK 

2017     Sovereign Asian Art Prize (Nomination)
2015     Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (Nomination) 2014 Two-week Residency at La 

Galere, France
2009     Best Artwork Award of Higher Diploma in Fine Art 2008 Hong Kong Art School 

2007     Best Graduation Work of Foundation Diploma in Visual Art 


Szelit Cheung’s work directs the viewer’s gaze toward into the depths of an unknown space. His work Presence seems at first sight to be a plain wooden box. But looking closer, the viewer will find inside a painting which itself depicts a still deeper space. The passageway in the painting stretches into the distance, yet the dim light at the end feels close. After months of experiment, the artist chose to use special paint and carefully polished the wood. With the help of a mirror and gold leaf hidden in the box, the tiny space inside reflects the external world, the image changing depending on the external light source and the angle from which it is viewed.

覗き見したい気持ちをくすぐるウィン・ヨンイェに対し、香港人アーティストの張施烈(ジャン・シーリエ)のシリーズ作は、観る者の視線を自ずと空間の奥へと招き寄せていきます。一見なんの変哲もない木箱に一歩近づけば、開口部から見え隠れする意匠空間、その絵の奥へと引き込まれていくことでしょう。すべてが近いようでどこか遠く感じる、趣き深いイメージの回廊、 扉から差し込かすかな光……。長い月日をかけて実験を繰り返し、特殊な顔料と木材を使った作品をつくり上げたジャン。箱のなかには金箔が悟られないように収められており、それに呼応するかたちで、画面上の空間、箱のなかの小空間、外の世界とで相乗効果が生まれ、光とアングルによって、見え方や感じ方も変容していきます。

Presence by Szelit Cheung

Presence by Szelit Cheung

Exhibition Publication

In collaboration with the curators, Tokyo Gallery published a trilingual book on the occasion of this exhibition with a series of interviews with the artists.