Yao Peng

Yao Peng (b.1984) was born in Jilin province, graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Oil Painting major, gained bachelor and master’s degrees. He currently lives and works in Beijing. His works involve paintings, installations, images, collages and other methods. Yao Peng has always conceived of perception as a material force. He senses its volume, energy, and form, and measures his perception through such dimensions seeking to subtly transform one aspect into another. Using a tranquil and realistic style of composition, the artist’s work often erects barriers against verisimilitude in order to tease the viewer’s preconceived definition of the world. He is adept at creating psychological tension in a light yet powerful way and has mastered the precise control of radiating such tension in his work.


Yao Peng has noticed how postage stamps can be a form of state propaganda. He has painted a series of portraits of political leaders in the dimensions and form of postage stamps, fabricating an alternative and arguably more realistic ‘national history’ for nations such as China, Iraq, and Soviet Russia. 


3, 6.4cmx5.6cm,2013.jpg
11, 6cmx4.7cm, 2011.jpg
10, 6cmx4.7cm x4, 2011.jpg
9, 5.6cmx4.8cm,2014.jpg
19,18cmx6cm,7x2.3inches, 2012.JPG
4, 25.2cmx5cm,2012.jpg

Exhibition Publication

In collaboration with the curators, Tokyo Gallery published a trilingual book on the occasion of this exhibition with a series of interviews with artists.