Yun Yongye

Yun Yongye (b. 1990) was born in Hainan, China, graduated from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting. Yun’s works employ classical wood panel painting technique within miniature Italian frames to create intimate and provocative images, irresistibly luring its viewers.

Miniature oil painting in antique frames

In 17th and 18th century Europe, it was popular amongst young noblemen to commission tailor-made miniature portraits. In an age before photography, to give one’s likeness to a lover was considered both intimate and elegant. Yun Yongye has integrated this intimacy into his own work. He collects old miniature frames from Italy and uses classical wood panel painting techniques to paint meticulously a series of provocative and surreal images: Maroon palms, eyeballs, and scattered bodies. His works, most comfortably examined in private, turn viewers into voyeurs.


礼物_Gift_木板油画_Oil on wood block_直径Φ14.4cm×2件_云永业_Yun Yongye_2020-2021  .jpg
神祇_God_木板裱布油画_Oil on wood block_直径Φ20cm×2件_云永业_Yun Yongye_2019-2020 .jpg
入侵_Invaded_木板油画_Oil on wood block_17.2×14cm×2件云永业_Yun Yongye_2020-2021.jpg
《Mazzy Star》_纸本铅笔_21×21cm_画芯3.8cm_ 云永业_20180707_.jpg
《Mazzy Star》_纸本铅笔_21×21cm_画芯3.8cm_ 云永业_20180509.jpg
《Mazzy Star》_纸本铅笔_21×21cm_画芯3.8cm_ 云永业_20180707.jpg

Exhibition Publication

In collaboration with the curators, Tokyo Gallery published a trilingual book on the occasion of this exhibition with a series of interviews with artists.

夜的信使_Messenger of the night_木板油画_Oil on wood block_12×8cm×2件_云永业_Yun Yongye_2021.jpg